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Beijing Capital Waste Management NZ Ltd.

Beijing Capital Waste Management NZ Ltd. (BCWM NZ) occupies the largest market share and is one of the two waste management service providers in New Zealand which conduct whole-industry chain waste management and synergize the upstream and downstream business. Its business covers the whole industry chain of waste collection, transfer and separation, landfill, liquid waste disposal, and waste recycling. It has a market share of 56 % in liquid waste disposal, and is the only company with core technology in New Zealand that has been approved by the government to treat toxic waste. The company has five landfills in New Zealand, owns or operates 29 refuse transfer stations and more than 800 specialized waste collection vehicles, and has over 1,200 employees. It handles more than 8,500 tons of waste per day and provides contracted services for more than 200,000 customers.

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