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News Release

Green Bond

Time:2018-08-29 Source: Auture: Size:BigMiddleSmall

Beijing Capital Group Company Limited (BCG) has established a Green Bond Framework that sets out how it proposes to raise Green Bonds (BCG Green Bonds) to finance and refinance Eligible Green Assets and Projects that are consistent with the company’s strategic mission to build a beautiful China, and to support environmental protection all over the country and internationally. 

BCG’s Green Bond Framework aligns with the Green Bond Principles 2017 (GBP) of the International Capital Market Association (ICMA). Sustainalytics has issued a Second Party Opinion on BCG’s Green Bond Framework, which confirms it aligns with the four pillars of the GBP, and it is credible and impactful.

On June 2018, the Green Bond Principals (GBP) was updated to the 2018 version. The BCG’s Green Bond Framework was revised to align with the Green Bond Principles 2018 (GBP) and to clarify the Green Bond Framework applies to both BCG and its subsidiaries. Sustainalytics refreshed BCG’s Second Party Opinion accordingly in August 2018.

Sustainalytics remains its positive view on BCG’s Green Bond Framework.