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News Release

Capital Group Wins the Organization & Planning Award at the 13th FINEXPO

Time:2018-02-08 Source: Auture: Size:BigMiddleSmall

From January 25 to 28, all major financial service providers under the Capital Group appeared as a whole at the 13th Beijing International Finance Expo 2017 (FINEXPO) at Beijing Exhibition Center, and won the Organization & Planning Award from the organizing committee.

The Capital Group delegation consisted of Capital Securities (as well as Capital Jingdu Futures, China Post Fund, Shouzheng Desheng, and Shouzheng Zefu under it), Capital Guarantee, and Beijing Agricultural Investment (including Agricultural Financing Guarantee, Beijing Agricultural Investment Commercial Factoring, Beijing Agricultural Investment Financing Lease, Beijing Microcredit Investment & Management, Beijing Agricultural Commodity Exchange, Beijing Rural Area Equity Exchange and Liuhe Capital),, and Beijing Fortune. Each of them presented their signature services and financial products and attracted wide attention at the event.

Under the expo theme of “New Era, New Finance and New Development”, the Capital Group exhibitors actively participated in forums, promotional, exchange and business matchup activities, to show how they supported the development of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the real economy through innovative financial services, and highlight their image as an innovative, specialized service provider for micro enterprises, SMEs and groups engaged in agriculture, based in rural area and involving rural residents.