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News Release

Capital Group Convenes 2018 Work Meeting

Time:2018-02-08 Source: Auture: Size:BigMiddleSmall

On January 17, Beijing Capital Group hosted its annual work meeting of 2018 at the multi-purpose hall on F17 of the Capital Group Plaza. Chairman Li Aiqing delivered a speech entitled “Enter a New Era, Start a New Journey, and Strive for High-Performance Corporate Development”, in which he commented on the work done last year, examined the situation ahead, and proposed general guidelines and goals for the work in the upcoming year. The speech was followed by General Manager Li Songping’s annual work report entitled “Work Hard toward Annual Business Goals by Promoting Development and Adjustment and Improving Quality and Efficiency”, in which he reviewed the performance of key business indicators and tasks in 2017 and made work arrangements for 2018.

Executives of the head office and subsidiaries (holding companies) all signed the letter of responsibility for business performance review and workplace safety.